We’ve got a passion for Pinterest! Have you?

We love stealing snippets of inspiration to take home with us…interior design, eat your heart out!  This aesthetically focused platform will keep you occupied for hours- as will our frequent pinning on our own page. We’ve listed below some of our favourite users and boards, our top tips and some news about our own pinning obsessions.

Must Follow… Gia Varvarigou

London-based graphic and web designer Gia channels the same vibe that we do as an agency, sleek and minimal. She pins to a small selection of boards but pads them out with hundreds of images so that we’ve got loads of inspiration all in one place! This design-based page is a follow-must from the Fifteen Studio team. If you have a particular Pinner who you think nails Pinterest then let us know!

Our Favourite Board… Healthy Vegan Nosh

VegNews Magazine have created this colourful and vibrant board that will have your mouth watering in seconds at the sight of these plant-based dishes. Healthy and delicious is what we love. One recipe that we will certainly be attempting to recreate will be The Green Tower Salad (photos may follow… if it’s a success, keep a look out on our Instagram page).

Tip Number One… Original Content

Capture and post your own photos; share them with your followers! It is always refreshing to see something new and different on your news feed, and that way you will generate more interest around your page (and you’ll also feel popular when people keep re-pinning you!). Flick through your photos now and find the best photo you’ve ever taken, there’s your starting point.

Tip Number Two… High Quality Images

Ensure your images are high resolution so that you align yourself with the Pinterest elite. Enlarge your pin once you’ve uploaded it just to make sure that it’s retained its quality: perfect your pin!


Our Most Recent Board… /Web Design/

We spend so much of our creative time developing website designs that we’ve become completely absorbed in looking at what other designers have come up with. Its great that everyone can share their work alongside one other on Pinterest, and it also creates a little healthy competition…

Pinterest is a wonderful platform that allows Pinners to utilize it as a lifestyle tool, as well as a hobby. We just love all of the beautiful images and the creations that they motivate in us. Let us inspire you…

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