We’re hiring!

Here at Fifteen Studio we’re on the hunt for a top-class, dog-loving, junior-ish designer to join our team in our Liverpool office. If you think you’ve got what we need, we’re all ears (and eyes).

We’re a team, a solid team, and are proud to work cohesively on every project we undertake, so you’ve got to be prepared to join in or you should probably stop reading now….

Creativity and initiative are crucial and your visual awareness is really important, too. You’ll need to love type and we mean LOVE type, nothing annoys us more than sloppy typesetting. We’ve mentioned it already, you’ve gotta be a team player and you’ve got to be able to handle working on several jobs at once and under pressure. This is and should be a ‘9 to 5’ job but we know that’s not always the case. Client deadlines change daily and we have to react to that but the aim is always to shut up shop by 3pm on a Friday .

Your qualifications are important but not critical to the role. It’d be great if you had a degree of higher education equivalent in a design related discipline, but most important of all your portfolio has to blow our socks off and we want to hear you talk about your work with the pride and passion you poured into creating it.

You’ve probably already been in the industry for a few years and can handle the pressure relatively well. You’re also absolutely itching to make the step up in the next year or so to a mid-weight level and beyond.

For our everyday studio work we use the Adobe creative suite. That’s not where we expect your skills to stop though, every member of our team has skills in other areas and proactively learns new software to keep up to date with trends and movements in the industry. We don’t want you to rest on your laurels here, we want you to learn and grow with us. So, if you’ve got other creative skills outside of the realms of graphic design then we want to hear about them, too.

If this sounds like something you are definitely interested in hurry up and send in your application in the form of a damn sexy portfolio and a shiny, well-referenced C.V.

Like what you see? Send through your details to lee@fifteen-studio.com before the 26th May 2017 and we’ll get back in touch.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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