Time to improve your email marketing?

At Fifteen Studio HQ we thought it was about time that we cleared up the confusion that clouds that phrase ‘content marketing’. It’s not as complicated as it appears and we’ve broken it down into five essential rules that you can easily follow in order to create, or strengthen, your content marketing strategy. It’s no longer about pushing products and sales-focused language, but about informing your clients and prospective clients. Content marketers – you are here to enhance people’s experience of your product or service…without being too pushy. Innovative, original content is the difference between being good and being remarkable. Where do you think you currently sit on the scale?

1.    Relevance and Value

Who is interested in what you are saying? For example, as a creative design and marketing agency Fifteen Studio understand that most of our clients wouldn’t have been aware of the ‘Top Design Trends of 2015’ but we published a blog about it anyway…because it allows you to build a subconscious client relationship, and you can push the fact that you are the best at what you do as a company. One of our best pieces of advice is to split your content up into sections, as it makes it easier to read and is more appealing to approach visually. It also means that when people come to revisit your piece (because you’ll have made an impression on them if you get it right!) then they’ll be able to find exactly what they’re looking for instantly. By ‘adding value’ you are giving your audience a reason to want to read what you’ve written because they’ll be able to take something away from it that they didn’t know before. Benefit your customers, and this will eventually increase your website traffic.

2.    Inform

Inform at all times – that way it’ll reflect on your audience and resonate with them that you’re focused on them as a consumer. You need to establish a tone that matches your strategy, formal or relaxed? Humorous or factual? Once you have outlined this you will be able to get a feel for the topics you should be approaching in relation to your target audience. Be clever, but not too obscure, and work out the best ways to deliver valuable content that matches you and your brand. Informing your audience will take you further than merely grabbing their attention for thirty seconds to read your tag line. Give them a reason to carry on reading!

3.    Consistency

Be consistent. Choose a relevant tone of voice and if you get a great response then stick with it, if not switch it up a little and see if that works better. It may take some time to find the perfect tone for your brand but it’s very important in the long run. Consistency also applies to the content that you put out there, and the length of it too. Your audience will learn to expect your presence and in a format that they are familiar with. This will strengthen your image whilst also building your client-company relationship. Respond to relevant happenings in the news, in your field and seasonal events so that your audience can relate to your content easily. Always remember to give readers something to take away – so that you are continually enhancing the value of your content.

4.    Encourage Engagement

Creating great content is one of your biggest challenges but even still, you must follow it up with engagement and make your clients know that you genuinely care. Adopt a rhetorical tone to get readers to engage with what you’re saying. Has reading this content marketing blog benefited you?  Will you return to read more of Fifteen Studio’s informative blogs? Content marketing serves as the building blocks for these client-company relationships, so get it right from the offset and you’ll eventually see your ROI fly.

5.    Distribution

As stated above, creating content is a challenge but where will it go if you fail to distribute it properly? You won’t reach any prospective readers and your efforts will be left redundant. Social media is a great place to start as it’s easily accessible and it’s also the fastest growing online space. Choose which platforms suit you and your brand best. Are you visually based? If so, go with Instagram. Or are you more news-based/factual? Then Twitter and LinkedIn are the places for you. Follow these efforts up by branching out, convert your written content into video (which is great for Facebook), make a blog out of it and link it to your webpage. Check out our Stories section on our website – its great to have everything in one place. Email marketing is also a great option (read our blog on this to find out why!). Spread your content as far and wide as it will go!

Stick to these five easy guidelines and you won’t go wrong. Be relevant and informative at all times, that’s all that people want. Has this blog helped you? If so, then we’re doing something right…


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