Reactive brands stand the test of time.

A brand is like a work of art, never finished…

For a brand, reputability and recognisability are paramount, but keeping up with the times is essential too and it’s all about finding the right balance between stature and development. When tweaks to a brand are made they need to be part of a bigger picture, a strategic plan, and they also need to respond to the current climate whilst having longevity. Think it seems impossible? It’s not, let’s take a step back and have a look at how BBC Proms, the oldest of the BBC brands, is using a brand refresh to reach out to a new, younger audience.

The progression of time means change is inevitable, and since we haven’t found a way to pause time (yet…), it’s important that brands take advantage of the promise of new audiences that the passing of time brings, but retain the importance of their primary audience too. BBC Proms recognises this and works hard to maintain the well-earned, unmistakable brand identity that they already have by experimenting with, and evolving, the assets that surround it.

2016 saw Glasgow-based agency, D8 depict one big brand image for the Proms that was made up of smaller, individual elements showing the diversity of the event. D8 used vibrant colours and an illustrative style to appeal to the existing audience, whilst also attracting families and the 18-30 age group. Illustrations and colour worked well for the new target audience, being friendly, open, approachable and most importantly – fun!

This year, BBC Creative and Ink & Giants have risen to the challenge that this ever-digital age is generating, with the creation of an animation-based design that sees the Proms brought to life right before your eyes. Light and life are the two main focal points, complimented by stunning, airy, feel-good classical music, and these concepts are paralleled with the vibrant life of youth who are lighting the path towards a brighter future. What BBC Proms brings to this offering is the soundtrack, the soundtrack to life.

They have cleverly reacted to their new target demographic and the current state of the creative climate to establish something that lends a nod back to its heritage, but also appeals to a younger audience with its dynamic stance to design and branding.

These tweaks, going back to what we mentioned earlier, are part of a bigger plan to change the perception of the BBC Proms within younger generations by attracting them as opposed to convincing them. Simple, but clever. They aren’t trying to convert this new audience, they’re showing them an entirely different dimension to the event. At a time when culture is rife and younger generations are keener to learn than ever, BBC Proms gives newcomers to the world of classical music the chance to immerse themselves in a new set of experiences.

The concept of re-branding doesn’t just apply to the attraction of new audiences, it may signify a new direction for a business, the release of a new product or service – the list is as long as your arm. What we’re getting at is that strategic changes take place and so you should make sure your visuals are aligned with where the market currently sits.

BBC Proms just created the soundtrack to the life of youth. Time doesn’t stop, so why should your brand come to a halt just because it appears to be ‘finished’?

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