Branded mugs – brew up and spread the word!

Is any home or office mug-less? We don’t think so, because even if you yourself don’t indulge in hot beverages yourself it’s almost certain that you’ll have visitors who do. Below we’ve listed the benefits of having these branded items on your company checklist – ready, coffee in hand?

Firstly, branded mugs are the perfect item for extended brand awareness because they posses a longer lifespan than your standard branded pen. There is a variety of different choices that you can make in regards to the design of your company mugs so that they slot right in with your business’ image. For example, a fine bone china tea cup is the epitome of sophistication, whereas a chunky retro mug would send out a fun message to your clients and prospective clients. By giving people something that you know will be useful and long-lasting they will begin to associate these values with you and your company and so the second they require your services you’ll be the first ones to pop into their minds. Brand awareness is an important factor as it can lead to recommendations, which then translate themselves as free advertising – it all works in your favour and helps to build your image.

They are a talking point. How many meetings have you attended where you haven’t been offered a drink? If the design of your mugs is crafted to perfection then people will ask questions, build some of your story into the mug design and this will convey the notion that you are solely passionate about what you do.

Could you, or your agency, design the coolest, best, most stylish mug for your brand? Ensure that you are putting out there the most usable cup and the most attractive one too so that your branded mug will become a treasured favourite at home or in the office – there’s always a selection that get left at the back of the cupboard and you don’t want to join them, so the design is of utmost importance.

Once your cleverly designed mugs have been established as a solid favourite then you’ll be the first thing that your clients see in the morning and last thing at night. It’s the first thing people do when they roll out of bed – head straight to the kettle, and you want your mug to be the one that’s searched for. It’s all of these tiny impressions that help to build a strong brand image that is recognisable for its consistency in quality, even down to your free giveaway mugs.

One company researched the effectiveness of branded cups and found that successful advertising attributed 57% of this success to branded mugs, 32% to radio adverts and just 28% to TV. (LEIGHMANS LINK). This just goes to show that by making your audience feel appreciated they’ll always come back to you. Mug design allows you to be ultra-targeted and deliver the exact messages that you want so you can reach your perfect audience.

If you’re willing to go all out then you can even appeal to where your target audience generally live. Part of an expo in London? Then design some travel mugs so that the ever-busy Londoners can use them whilst commuting – you’ll become their morning saviour, and also save them tonnes of money that they would have normally spent in Starbucks. Or alternatively, use a heat sensitive coating on your mugs and let your message reveal itself as the hot water is poured in!

There is a vast array of choices to be made in regards to your branded mugs and so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be distributing your message this way! Everyone loves free merchandise, especially when it’s useful and so this is a cheap, quick and effective way of spreading the word about your brand. What could you do with your company mugs?

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