Brand vs Logo

It’s summer and Instagram is rife with users sharing anecdotes of their travels, making those of us at home a little jealous, and all the while each of those brands that influencers are tagging in their posts are hiding just one single tap away… That gets us thinking, we want to know, do you buy products because of the logo or because of the brand? Two concepts that are often used in conjunction with one other but actually, in reality, aren’t similar at all. Let’s debunk the myth that a brand and a logo are the same entity…

What is a brand?

A brand is a set of beliefs, emotions and ethics. It’s the DNA of a business and the reason it exists. This ethos is then what people emotionally connect with and buy into, thus providing a clear differentiation from competitors.

If you’re starting out and setting up your own business then you need to remember why you’re selling, not what you’re selling, along with asking yourself this very important question, why would someone buy or use my product over my competitors? The answer will inspire the beginning of your brand’s story and once you’ve got this pinned down you’re ready to begin creating an ideal customer experience that will transpire into long-lasting relationships and a solid reputation.

What is a logo?

A logo is a brand’s signature, symbol or watermark; it’s a visual extension of a brand’s vision that has been condensed into an instantly identifiable representation of a business. It’s the end outcome.

Designing a logo for your brand is not something to be taken lightly as it will undoubtedly become your brand’s identity, the face that everyone will meet, so getting it right is pretty crucial and in order to do this its design must stem from the meaning behind the brand it symbolises.

Brand vs. logo?

Can you place importance on one over the other? We don’t think so. Both a brand and a logo go hand in hand, as they need each other in order to convey a unified message. A logo must have the backstory of the brand in order to convey a carefully aesthetically designed message and the brand needs the logo so that consumers have a symbol to identify with.

Get both of these aspects right and you’re on the right road to building a successful business.

Think back to each of those brands you see plastered all over social media every day, do you relate to the brand or the logo? Now we’ve got you thinking!

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